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Yalta: A Great Place of Ukraine For Vacation

Yalta is an Ukrainian resort town where you can see a wide variety of allures. There are many things that you can enjoy for a vacation when visiting Yalta. You, for example, can see Armenian Church that was established in 1909-1919. It is a beautifully detailed church you need to visit. Nikita botanical garden and Livadia palace are other attractions available in Yalta that are worth visiting for your vacation. What makes Livadia special is that the palace was home to Stalin. Besides, Churchill and Read more [...]

L’viv: An Ukrainian Cultural Center

L'viv is a city of Ukraine, which is positioned in the western part of the country. In fact, L'viv is the biggest city of Western Ukraine that offers a lot of allures for tourism. What makes L'viv differs is that the city is often called as the major Ukrainian cultural center. L'viv was the capital city of East Galicia and is currently considered to be UNESCO’s list of world heritage. L'viv without a doubt has multicultural history since it was handed down from one to another country. In the past Read more [...]

The Legendary Golden Mountains of Alta

Golden Mountains of Altai is an UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Altai Republic, Russia. This area reaches 1,611,457 ha in total. This site represents various vegetations and endangered animals, such as subalpine vegetation, alpine vegetation, snow leopard and the Altai argali. You can see and interact with the native population there; most of them are Altai people who still live traditionally in semi-settled lifestyle. Try to find the oldest respected person in the native group and they will Read more [...]

Glasgow as the Place with a bunch of Great Architectural Building

Visiting a lot of destinations such like the cities all offer the world can be really interesting. We can spend our free time there enjoying the place that we have never visited before. I our spare time, we can try to visit the interesting place which is worth to visit such like Glasgow in Scotland. It is a city which is largest in the country which has been independent from the midieval. This city becomes one of the large industrial cities. It becomes really interesting since it has the unique architectural Read more [...]

Big Putorana Plateau in Russia

Putorana Plateau is a place located in Putorana Mountains, Rusia. This is a high lying basalt plateau which is very amazing. The location of this area is known as northwestern mountainous area in around Central Siberian Plateau. Mount Kamen is the highest mountain that can be seen in here. The plateau in this area is composed by Siberian Traps. Putorana is located closed to the Norilsk city. There are many kinds of natural wonder which is located in this area.   If you want to go to this Read more [...]