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The Beauty of Boundary In Trabzon

When we are talking about magnificent place Turkey must be mentioned in that list. Now we will explore one of the biggest cities in Turkey which is Trabzon. Trabzon was founded in 756 BC by Milesian traders. It is called Trapezeous, that is why then it was named Trabzon, the Latin language of trapezeous. The Roman ruled here in 64-65 and then it was taken over by Danismendids in 1080. The Queen Tamar of Georgia reigned over this country from 1204-1461. Then Ottoman era became the last empire Read more [...]

Island of Saint-Louis with its Uniqueness

If we are interested in visiting a lot of beautiful island all over the world with the natural views and natural beauty, Africa becomes the heaven. There are a lot of beautiful place of nature which can be the destination to go for the tourists and travelers. We can enjoy not only the beauty but also any history, culture, and traditions there which of course will be totally different to our daily atmosphere. One of the spots in Africa which can be chosen is the island of Saint-Louis. It is located Read more [...]

Ban Chiang, the Most Important Prehistoric Archaeological Site

Ban Chiang is UNESCO World Heritage that’s located in Udon Thani, Thailand and this site is also one of most important prehistoric settlement site in South East Asia. There are many important discoveries that archeologist found in this site, such as pottery jar that come from 1500 BCE and rice fragment that researcher believe as the proof that the people that lived in this site long time ago were farmer. The best time to visit Ban Chiang would be early summer. At that time, the season is Read more [...]

Glasgow as the Place with a bunch of Great Architectural Building

Visiting a lot of destinations such like the cities all offer the world can be really interesting. We can spend our free time there enjoying the place that we have never visited before. I our spare time, we can try to visit the interesting place which is worth to visit such like Glasgow in Scotland. It is a city which is largest in the country which has been independent from the midieval. This city becomes one of the large industrial cities. It becomes really interesting since it has the unique architectural Read more [...]

The Long Journey in Izmir

Izmir is a city which has long history from the Neolithic age. In 3000 BC was found by the Trojan. However, The Ionian reigned over the city before it felt to the Lydistrian which burned down the city around 600 BC. Persian also has been here before this city was re-founded by Alexander The Great. In 178 AD earthquake destroyed this city in the reign of Roman Empire. Ottoman empire made this city become the part of Republic of Turkey. The divergent from the past is brought back in the citizen Read more [...]