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Tainan City, Historic City of the Southern Taiwan

If you are asking about the great place for your visit during your stay in Taiwan; Tainan City is one of the best answers. This is a magnificent historical city which is located in the southern part of the country. It remains as a wonderful place to live as well as excellent tourist destination in Taiwan. During the imperial times, Tainan City was the main capital city. According to historical facts, Taiwan has been occupied and conquered by several nations; like Japan, Dutch, and the Chinese. Read more [...]

Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland

Although people are living in metropolitan area for example, there is no doubt that they will not be strange at all with the agricultural area such as farm. However, there must be something special about Southern Öland Agricultural Landscape which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is not just kind of common agricultural area because there is culture and tradition which is involved for making this agricultural area which is including some great parts such as the villages, fields, Read more [...]

Kaohsiung, Really a Place to Visit in Taiwan

The second largest town in Taiwan, Kaohsiung is the center of refining, shipbuilding, manufacturing, and other industries, both heavy and light ones. Besides, this city offers several sites for your holiday destination; giving you more experiences in modern and old atmosphere. Historically, Kaohsiung was firstly founded nearly in the end of 17th century. Its name was Takau at that time; which means literally ‘beat the dog’. The name Kaohsiung was taken when China controlled Taiwan. Later, Read more [...]

Ambalangoda, the Ancient City of Devil Mask and Devil Dancing

Ambalangoda is the city that is known with their unique Ancient Devil Mask and Devil Dancing. In fact, the Devil Mask and Devil Dancing that this city has is the part of culture that grows in this city. The Devil Mask making process is also one of the traditional cultures of this city. The mask itself is used for devil dancing. And there are three type of devil dancing with different mask. There’s Kolam that tell the story of Sri Lanka during the colonial era, Sanni for exorcism ritual and Raksha Read more [...]

Cebu City – Place of Filipino Reggae

If people recognize the capital city of Philippe is Manila, commonly Filipino will consider the second city in Philippine is Cebu City which is also the capital city of Cebu. There is long history which is involved and of course the Spanish settlement cannot be ignored when we are talking about the history in Philippine especially in Cebu City since it was the very first settlement of Spanish in the Philippine. This metropolitan area with the focal point of domestic shipping port and companies made Read more [...]