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A Heritage of Old World–Cuzco and Its Cultural Richness

During summer, most of you probably are probably busy thinking about what place to visit, aren’t you? Why not going to Cuzco, Peru, instead of spending more times uselessly? So now you perhaps are questioning yourself, what is so good about the place that you should visit it, right? Here is a concise introduction that probably would interest you even more. The name is derived from aboriginal term used to describe the area, ‘Qusqu’. The Spanish conquistadors then arrived at the area and Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to See City View (Observation Decks)

Being able to view a city from above certainly becomes the desire of many people because it enables people to see totally different vies of a city. As a matter of fact, viewing a city from above gives opportunities to see what cannot be seen from the ground. Thankfully, there are many observation decks in the world that can help people realizing their desire and the followings are top ten places to see city view or observation decks. 1.       The Sears Tower in Chicago, US The SkyDeck Read more [...]

Aberdeen, The Home of Famous Scottish Knight : William Wallace

Are you wondering to know what things to find in Aberdeen? It is one of cities in Scotland. Before you take a flight there, it is essential to find out some great information about this city. You may wonder about the history, landmarks and even want to know the best time to visit. The city was found since the Stone Age. It was started from 6000BC when hunters were settled. And the arrival of Romans in the first century AD became the moment when native Aberdeenshire started having new faith, Christian. Read more [...]

Top 10 Places to Visit Biggest Malls

Shopping becomes great part of modern people’s life because people love to enjoy spending moeny a lot after they have to work hard for collecting it. In fact, shopping becomes useful support for their life style. Shopping nowadays is also kind of great refreshmnet method for people and here are ten biggest malls in the world. 1. South China Mall in China This is the largest shopping mall which has 7.1 million square feet area and it has been opened since 2005 in China. This shopping mall Read more [...]

Bled, A Place of Glacial Lake Bled

The municipality of Bled which is also a town in north-western Slovenia has become a famous tourist destination for years. It has numerous attractive places which will fit your fun holiday. The area of Bled is within Julian Alps and alongside the Lake Bled. Beautiful landscape with amazing objects is the major magnetism of this city. Since Mesolithic era, Bled has been settled. The name Bled itself appeared firstly in March of Carniola, award for Bishop Albuin in 1004. Bled became a part of Read more [...]