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Lhasa, Beautiful Alitude in Tibet

Lhasa is the most featured cities in the world because of its high altitude. This is a remote area which has spiritual and cultural history. You can find romantic and mysterious place which is rich of impressive heritage around Tibet. This area is become very important for Tibetan religion because it is also known as Buddha Land or Holy Land. In this place, there is a politics, culture, and economy center. Besides that, this is become the most cultural area which is located in China. You can remember Read more [...]

Ban Chiang, the Most Important Prehistoric Archaeological Site

Ban Chiang is UNESCO World Heritage that’s located in Udon Thani, Thailand and this site is also one of most important prehistoric settlement site in South East Asia. There are many important discoveries that archeologist found in this site, such as pottery jar that come from 1500 BCE and rice fragment that researcher believe as the proof that the people that lived in this site long time ago were farmer. The best time to visit Ban Chiang would be early summer. At that time, the season is Read more [...]

Big Putorana Plateau in Russia

Putorana Plateau is a place located in Putorana Mountains, Rusia. This is a high lying basalt plateau which is very amazing. The location of this area is known as northwestern mountainous area in around Central Siberian Plateau. Mount Kamen is the highest mountain that can be seen in here. The plateau in this area is composed by Siberian Traps. Putorana is located closed to the Norilsk city. There are many kinds of natural wonder which is located in this area.   If you want to go to this Read more [...]

Enjoying BeautifulPitons Management Area at Soufriere Town

The Pitons Management Areais located near to Soufriere town and Choiseul in southwest coast. The Piton itself is the name of volcanic spire that rise from the sea around the Pitons area. The place has one hundred and sixty eight species with the sixty of them are cnidaria. Other species are coral, fourteen of sponges, eleven of echinoderms, fifteen of arthropods, annelid worms that exists 8 kinds, and eight molluscs. At the top part, there is Ledera Hotel that is usually used by the tourist for their Read more [...]

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, A Place to See Big Crater and Amazing Wildlife

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is big crater that comes from collapsed old volcano. This condition creates unique and natural preservation area where the flora and fauna grows rapidly and in great diversity. Therefore, the main thing that you can do and see here would be the wildlife. This area also becomes the best place to learn more about flora and fauna in Tanzania. The best time to visit Ngorongoro Conservation Area. You can visit this place on rainy season, which is about early winter Read more [...]