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A Heritage of Old World–Cuzco and Its Cultural Richness

During summer, most of you probably are probably busy thinking about what place to visit, aren’t you? Why not going to Cuzco, Peru, instead of spending more times uselessly? So now you perhaps are questioning yourself, what is so good about the place that you should visit it, right? Here is a concise introduction that probably would interest you even more. The name is derived from aboriginal term used to describe the area, ‘Qusqu’. The Spanish conquistadors then arrived at the area and Read more [...]

Visiting Chavin as a Way to Enjoy Your Holiday

Where to go if you want to obtain fascinating holiday and expanding insights all at once? Most people will almost definitely say that it is the beaches or going mountaineering and all. I, for one, will say that Chavin is the suitable place to get such things. Why? Chavin, located in Peru, is the place where the Chavin culture first developed around 900 BC to 200 BC. Now, with the city of Chavin de Huantar as its modern capital, one will get more advantages once he/she chooses to visit the site.   The Read more [...]

Challenges and Risks Await in Olympic National Park

People who love hiking will absolutely love to visit Olympic National Park. In the recent year, there are almost 40,000 people go camping in the Olympic Wilderness and there are thousands more people take the chance of hiking during day in the trip that is challenging and even risky at some points. Because of the challenges and the risks those will be faced by the visitors of this national park, every single visitor to learn every single detail about visiting the Olympic Wilderness in order Read more [...]

Coro – A Less Noticed City near an Ancient Cultural Site

In Peru, the province of Ancash houses many attractive sightseeing places, one of those is Chavin de Huantar–a center of the ancient Chavin culture once developed around 900 BCE. Other than that, the province also a region where one can visit Coro, a nice city that is worth visiting in order to fulfill the needs of having an interesting tourism destination. A combination of intriguing natural contour and cultural site, the city is a nice starting point for someone to eventually expand his or her Read more [...]

Seeing the Best-Preserved Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park

The National Park of Mesa Verde is located in the Southwestern of Colorado. This national park is famous for having Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings that constructed within the alcoves of the cliff. A lot of people say that the trip to Mesa Verde will not be completed if that site is not visited. Visitors may get inside of the national park after one hour of driving from Cortez, Colorado. There is Mesa Verde headquarter that is waiting and welcoming the visitors. Headquarter of Mesa Verde Read more [...]