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Top 10 Places to Visit Biggest Malls

Shopping becomes great part of modern people’s life because people love to enjoy spending moeny a lot after they have to work hard for collecting it. In fact, shopping becomes useful support for their life style. Shopping nowadays is also kind of great refreshmnet method for people and here are ten biggest malls in the world. 1. South China Mall in China This is the largest shopping mall which has 7.1 million square feet area and it has been opened since 2005 in China. This shopping mall Read more [...]

Top 10 Themeparks You Must Visit for Family Vacation

Many people of course will try to spare some of their time for enjoying the quality time with their family. Family holiday will not be perfect without visiting the theme park of course moreover when there are kids in the family. This can be the reason why the theme park will never free of crowd and here are ten theme parks in the world which are visited the most. 1. Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Florida, US This theme park is the Fantasyland makeover and it had over 17 million people Read more [...]