Stirling, a Stone Age City in Scotland

 If we are always interested in the various historical and also cultural places, why not we go to the place where we can find the unique cultures and also the unique history? There is lots worth to visit destinations around the world which can be the best idea for us to spend our free time. We can go to the place which becomes the historical city of a country, for example the city of Stirling in Scotland. It is the most historical city in the country which has been independent from the middle ages. In previous time, the city became the capital city of Scotland.


ancient stone bridge over river forth stirling

For the best time to visit the city, we can go there in the seasons of spring and autumn. The weather is appropriate to have fun and enjoy the day there, while the crowd is on the minimum condition. Since it becomes the most historical city there, we will find a lot of beautiful architectural building. One of them which also becomes the landmark and must visit is the Stirling Castle which is located in the center of the city.


sterling castle

Besides its beautiful scenery of the beautiful building and village views, the culture is also something interesting there especially if we are in love with the European classic culture. This old city will offer what we want. To go there, we can choose flight to Edinburg or Glasgow airport. From the city or the airport we can choose the ground transportation such like by car, buses, train, and others. It is a bit bothering but we will get the great and enjoyable village views such like lake, river, and many more there.



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