Stavanger: The Oil Capital Of Norway

Stavanger is an area that is located in Norway. It is the fourth largest city available in Norway and is often called as the Oil Capital of Norway. The largest Norwegian energy company, Statoil, has a head-quarter in Stavanger. Aside from being a place for Norway oil industry, Stavanger also have both domestic and international military installations. July and August are the warmest times in Stavanger where you will come across many Norwegians get into holiday season. If you are about to visit Stavanger, then the summertime, from May to September, can be a good choice.

The Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger, Norway

In June, the Festival for Norwegians begin in Stavanger and when you come in the time, you will be able to see a lot of people get into the festival that brings Norwegian traditions. What makes Stavanger differs is that you can see annually grand slam beach volleyball tournament. If you are about to visit Stavanger, then you have some ways to gain the place. Domestic and international flights are available when it comes to reaching Stavanger. You, for example, can take flight from some European cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Frankfurt to Sola Airport of Stavanger.

The Preikestolen in Stavanger, Norway

Preikestolen in Stavanger, Norway

In addition to getting Stavanger by plane, you can also come to this place by train from Oslo, the capital city of Norway. What is surprising about transportation by train is that you can book the ticket three months before departure so that you can make a proper plan before going to this city. Another way to get Stavanger is by bus that you can get from some cities of Norway.

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum, Kjeringholmen, Stavanger, Norway

Norwegian Petroleum Museum, Kjeringholmen, Stavanger, Norway

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