Spending Your Vacation at Robben Island

Robben Island is one of the most popular islands on South Africa. This island has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in South Africa. This island is located on Table Bay, 6.9 km to the west from Cape Town, one of the largest cities in South Africa. This island becomes a tourist attraction because of its state of nature which is consisting of Precambrian metamorphic rocks and its historical values. Here you could find the famous Robben Island prison where several important Africans being held. Some of the notable names are Robert Sobukwe and Jacob Zuma.


Robben Island

You could reach this island from Cape Town by using public transportation. To visit this place, you don’t have to pay for any entrance fee. However, you might still have to pay for transportation and any other accommodations. Since many attractions in this island is located outdoor, you might want to visit this island in the summer where the weather relatively more friendly. Besides its historical attraction, you could also visit the famous Robben Island lighthouse from where you could see the beautiful sea of Table Bay. You also could find several species of animals such as seals and penguins.

robben island

Robben Island

As the main attraction of this island, Robben Island prison has magnificent story for you. You could trace its former prisoners including the famous Nelson Mandela. Most of the prisoners are political prisoners. You could visit the prison cells and see the legendary pile of rock started by Nelson Mandela. Among all prisoners, you might find several names who are Indonesian. These Indonesian are brought here by the Dutch as political prisoners as well.

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