Shopping Sensation in the Fifth Busiest City in Korea, Busan

If you are visiting Korea, don’t forget to go to South Korea. Then, you can go to one of the largest metropolis towns in South Korea known as Busan. Actually, this city is considered as the second largest metropolis city after Soul. It is a must for you to visit this city because you can see the largest beach as well as the longest river there.

Busan City, South Korea

Busan City, South Korea

The enjoyment is not only stopped there but you can also enjoy the sensation of the fifth busiest city in Korea. Previously, Busan was used as a trading port with Japan. It is up to you whether you want to go there in warm or cold weather. If you want to go there and feel the cold sensation, you can just visit there around May to July. This city is on spring and summer during these months. On the other hand, if you want to feel the warm sensation, you can just visit this area around August to September. This is concerning to the fact that Busan is in autumn and summer.



Just bring your money as much as you can because you can go to four shopping areas. Those shopping areas are Busan Dae Hakap, Gwangbok Dong, Centum City, and Seomyeon. For those who want to enjoy the historical and religious vacations, you can just visit several places such as Beomeosa Temple, Yungongdan Altar, Samgwangsa Temple, and many more. The travelers don’t need to worry with the transportation because they can go to those interesting places by bus, subway, the national railway, and airplane through the Gimhae International Airport.

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