Sailing Down Perfume River in Hue City

Hue is the city in Vietnam known as the Thua Thien capital city which located in Hue province. This is also the city where the feudal world is strongly influenced which can be seen from the Nguyen Dynasty which having the huge population on the ancient time, for about 340,000 people. So, this is actually about the central city for Nguyen Lords, therefore this city is very well known as a feudal city because of the great Dynasty which established for long time in this city. But unfortunately, at the Vietnam War in 1968 this city gets damaged when the Battle of Hue is begin. Even, this city is very well known with the massacre of Hue where there are lots of people were killed.

hue front


You can always come into this city at anytime you want, and this city is very well known with the Sông Hương or what people said as the perfume river. The former name of this city is Saigon, and you can always find out lots of historical buildings which become the historical sites and that already well preserved. For example, you can see the great Nguyen Emperors site which named as Citadel on the north side of the Sông Hương River. There are also other interesting ancient monuments from some other Dynasties. Some historical sites which known as the Forbidden City, is already maintained which later will become the tourism spot. You may also visit the biggest and popular Pagoda in this city which called as the Thiên Mụ Pagoda.



The culture of this city is mainly dominated with the string local culture, that’s why this is the unique Vietnam city. You can always reach this city by plane from the domestic flight of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to reach the Phu Bai Airport. And it will be best for you to come at the summer time, so you will enjoy the situation especially for the perfume river and there will be no canceling flight due to the bad weather problem.



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