Rwenzori Mountains National Park: An Awesome Place In Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is a tourism area, which is located in Uganda. This park covers 1,000 km2  in size where you can see the thirst highest mountain in Africa, Rwenzori Mountains. Due to its amazing natural beauty, UNESCO considers the park as one of the World Heritage Sites. Anytime you have a visit, you will come across waterfalls, glaciers and lakes in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The park is notable for its botany and is home to some endangered species of animals.


Rwenzori Mountains National Park-Uganda

When it comes to species of animals, Rwenzori Mountains National Park is home to 15 species of butterflies, 89 species of birds and four primate species. Despite the fact that the national park can be visited any time throughout the year, it is suggested to take time to visit the park in the dry season, from December to February and from May to August. The weather is great during the dry season making it easier for you to explore the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. If you have an interest in reaching the top of Rwenzori Mountains, then you can benefit from service of local porters who will carry heavy equipment and foods.


Rwenzori Mountains National Park Uganda View

To get Rwenzori Mountains National Park from Kampala, it takes you to drive more than 7 hours by car via Mbarara. If you don’t like to get the park by car, you also can do it by two-wheel drive. The road is rough so your journey will be a bit difficult. Entrance free to visit this national park is $3.80 for the first 2 – 7 days and additional $4.70 for each extra day.


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