Riding an Elephant in Phuket

Thailand has several interesting cities to visit. For example, you can just go to Phuket as one of your holiday destinations. This area is the capital city of Phuket province and it covers the entire island. There are two main seasons in Phuket which are dry season and wet season. You can feel the dry season around December to March whereas the wet season is around the rest of the eight months.


Elephant Riderubber plantation Phuket

For your information, it is better for you to enjoy this city at night. This is strongly related to its culture in which they love to serve fine dining and spectacular nightlife. In specific, you can enjoy several beautiful beaches such as Layan beach, Nui beach, Rawai beach, Kata beach, and many more. Of course, you can do several interesting activities during your time there such as adventure, shopping, and playing golf. For those who love to explore the natural area, it is better for you to explore the beauty of Khao Phra Thaew National Park. Moreover, they also have unique tracking activity which is known as elephant tracking. Just like the name of the tracking it means you will be accompanied by an elephant as your transportation device.


Phuket Elephant

Although, Phuket looks traditional along with fresh air and forest areas, but travelers don’t need to worry if they want to spend their night there. This is because they can use several villas available there. There are several transportation devices there including elephant, train, and bus. Of course, you have to prepare baht as the currency. Just don’t miss to visit Phuket if you want to go to Thailand.


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