Reykjavik – Northernmost Capital in the World

Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland and it is also the capital city of this country. Major Iceland’s inhabitants are living in this city and now we can see the houses which are colorful as well as eclectic which is spread out the city. Reykjavik itself became the very first settlement in Iceland and even before the town is built, this city had been inhabited for thousand years. 1801 is the year when this city becomes the capital of Iceland. Summer is the time for people who want to enjoy the beauty as well as the fun in Reykjavik.




Although it becomes the largest city in Iceland, people can still find the old town part of the town which can be explored easily on foot. Tjornin or the Pond is the landmark of the city because it is kind of small lake which is placed in the middle of the city. Austurvollur, Klambratun, Reykjavik Botanicla Garden, Vioey, and Grotta are other great things to experience in this city. For reching this town, people can take the flight to Keflavik International Airport or Reykjavik Airport. FlyBus is the main option of transportation which will be taken from the international airport to the city center. Walking or using bike is recommended to explore the city although people can find bus, car, and taxi for getting around as well.


Music is the soul of this city and people can also enjoy festivals celebration which is held three times every year including Culture Night, Gay Pride, and National Day.

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