Revealing the Past In Troy

Have you ever seen the film which is entitled with “Troy”? There is a place with the same name with that movie. This place is located in Turkey. Now we will see what we can find there. Check this out.


troy turkey

Troy is a city which is located in Turkey in the northwest of mountain Ida. According to the treasury report from this site, the first city in this place, Wilusa, was made around the Bronze Age, or third millennium of BC. It was reported than an earthquake had destroyed this place around 1250 BC. From that year to the mid of 13th century, the next city was dated and it is called Troy 4.Helenistic Ilium becomes the last city which was founded by Roman August. The city sometimes is called as Truva, it is a pronounciation of French language from Troy.



This place can be reached from Istanbul. If you have a plan to get here, you can start your journey from Istanbul metro to Otogar station. From this place, you can continue your transport by getting on the bus to Canakale or Eceabat. The length of this trip will take six hours on the street since you need to wait when you will get on the ferry for crossing Dardanelles. After crossing the river, get off from the canakale bus to change with minibus. The minibus station is located near from Ataturk Cadesi, under the bridge of the river. This site is open from 8.30 to 18.00. To enjoy the magnificent view from this place, you need to spend at least 15 lira for adult and 8 for student. The best time to get here is in summer season since the tourist can get the transportation to the site easier.


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