Presov, the Showcase of Gothic, Rococo, and Baroque Architecture

Presov will be the best place in Slovakia to have a sight of Baroque, Gothic, and Rococo architecture. Soviet influence can also be seen in this town through the structure and building.



Since Paleolithic period, Presov has been inhabited. The settlement continued on 8th century and later. The city grew as century passed by; signed by the establishment of schools, public transportation, and other civilization things. It even became the center of industry when communist existed in 1948. The population keeps increasing since then.




You can live in past glories when you are in Presov. The landmarks you can set as your destinations in this city are castle (there are a number of it), Orthodos Jewish Synagoge, Old town, Town Hall, Evangelical church, natural springs which are on the surrounding of Presov, Opal mining, and the nearby district of Stara Tehelna.

Another attractive object you should not skip in this city is the Zla Diera Cave, which does not have electric-lighting system; so that it will be adventurous to have a visit there.

How to Get Presov

You can reach Presov from Kosice airport, Lviv, Krakow, Uzhhorod, and Rzeszow. Bus and train are available to bring you to the town for about 37 kilometers far. To travel arounf Presov, you can take car, bus, train, or cab.

The Best Time for Presov Journey

With its continental climate, Presov has four seasons in a year. The perfect time to have an exploration in this country will be on November to March, since the average high temperature is still tolerable. Therefore, you will have a pleasant time there in Presov.

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