Place of Highest Mountain in Peru

Every country has the higher peak and Huascaran mount is the highest mount which can be found in this country. The name Huascarán is not only used for the mount but also for the national park which is placed surround this area. It is part of the Andes Range in the central area of Peru. Huascarán National Park has protected status because this is habitat for many kinds of flora and fauna. At the same time it also contains the formation of geology as well as remaining of archaeology of Chavin culture. Dry season is really the right time for enjoying the beauty which can be found anywhere in this area.

Huascaran National Park

Permit is absolutely needed for entering the area of Huascarán National Park and it will cost 65 soles but people will expense more since they will meet many communities in or near the trailhead which is popular in the park. Nearest city which is also the check point before entering the Huascarán National Park is Huaraz and people are able to prepare anything in this city. Foot is the main mode of transportation which people have to take during their way to the national park and in the exploration of the national park.

People can do acclimatization in Huaraz before they are able to climb the highest mount in Peru. Of course people can also find the guide who will help them during their trip. People can also do horse riding which must offer interesting experience during the exploration in the national park area.

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