Papahānaumokuākea, the Amazing Natural Wonder in USA

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument has been listed as one of Natural World heritages. Located in Honolulu County, this marine monument encompasses ocean water of 360,000 kilometers square are, also ten atolls and islands in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Due to the remarkable beautiful landscape accompanied by the diversity of flora and fauna in it, Papahānaumokuākea becomes one favorite destination for tourists visiting US.

The Beautiful of  Papahānaumokuākea

The Beautiful of Papahānaumokuākea

The name Papahānaumokuākea is the substitute for the former name Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument proclaimed by George Bush in 2006. Its inscription as World Heritage was in July 30th 2010. Historically, this place has been protected since 3 February 1909 when Theodore Roosevelt, US President at that time, created Hawaiian Island reservation. The next presidents luckily had the same passion about it; so that the preservation kept going.

What to See

Islands and atolls with sea water surrounding will be great scenery to enjoy in Papahānaumokuākea. Added by the monument consisting of deepwater and pelagic habitats, submerged banks, seamounts, extensive lagoons and coral reef; this will be a perfect place for your visit in Hawaiian Islands.

Papahānaumokuākea View

Papahānaumokuākea View

How to Visit Papahānaumokuākea

It is undeniable that Papahānaumokuākea is a great place to visit for pleasing spare time. Unfortunately, you cannot come here so easily because it is quite limited for tourists. The way to have Papahānaumokuākea trip is by joining research or education group.

Papahānaumokuākea Diving

Papahānaumokuākea Diving

Once you arrive in Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, you will need to spend some money for charter airplane directing to Papahānaumokuākea. Moreover, you must sign up for the tour with any ecological group before exploring the place. There are regulations, permits, and other paperwork from government to understand. Although Papahānaumokuākea is not sanctuary, but the government wants to ensure that it keeps being protected.

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