Panama Viejo, a Proof of an Old Glory in Panama

Have you ever seen The Mummy movie? That movie story is about an adventure for archeological excavation. In that movie, it is shown how ancient Egypt was, the city, the people and the life, how rich their culture was, and etc. Thus, if you are visiting Panama in Central America, you also can feel the historical ambience in Panama Viejo. Panama Viejo was founded by Pedrarias Davila in 1519. This place is considered as the oldest European settlement on the pacific coast of Americas.

Panama Viejo

Thus, this place is listed in UNESCO’s world heritage site. The town was so special since the layouts of the town illustrates the importance of interchange of human values. Furthermore, the buildings in the town represent the significant stage of the development of Spanish colonial society. Fortunately, when the town was moved to the new location, the site was abandoned and never rebuilt.  However, the original street and the pattern of open spaces are well preserved. Thus, you can see the town hall, churches, houses, the ruin of the cathedral, and you also can see the water installations.


Panama Viejo

So, do not wait so long. If you are such a history lover, come to Panama and see yourself about the historical site. You won’t need to spend a large amount of money since Panama is a country that gives tax and price discount. Thus, Panama supports their tourism to grow faster. Furthermore, the historical sites will also show you that cultural or heritage site should be preserved so as all of the people in the world know that it is culture that make people civilized.

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