The Italian Renaissance Village in Portmeirion

Portmeiron is located in Gwyned, on the estuary on River Dwyrydon North Wales 3 miles from Parthmadog. This is a village which is made based on the Italian renaissance village. The creator of this village is an architecture named Sir Clough William Ellis. During the world war I, he dreamed about making a place which is inspired by Italian village, so in the year of 1925 until 1975, he built this village. Firstly, the main buildings in this village called Aber La means ice estuary, but in the year Read more [...]

Meet the Black Bears of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known as a national park that has a lot of black bears. Visitors of this national park will be easily spot black bears because there are at least two black bears live in every square mile of the national park. This national park is also famous for cultural and natural history. This national park has several entrances to welcome the visitors. The Northern entrance located in for about 33 miles from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Southern entrance is located Read more [...]

The Hidden Treasure of Carlsbad Caverns National Park

A national park that has been listed to the UNESCO World Heritage Site like Carlsbad Caverns National Park will be an interesting destination in a holiday. This national park is located in New Mexico in United States and has canyons, rocky slopes, thorny shrubs, cactus, grass and occasional tree. The treasure of Carlsbad Caverns National Park lies underneath it. The caves all were formed because of the dissolved of sulfuric acid with the limestone surrounding it. There are more than 117 Read more [...]

Shakhrisyabz, the Birthplace of Turco-Mongol Conqueror Timur

Originally acknowledged as Kesh which means heart-pleasing, this city is now popular as Shakhrisyabz as a part of Uzbekistan. Many people in Central Asia in particular recognize this city as the birthplace of Timur, Turco-Mongol Conqueror who was famous in 14th century. Shakhrisyabz has been considered as one of major cities in Central Asia. Historically, Shakhrisyabz was establish over 2700 years ago, the reason of its being the most ancient city in its region of Central Asia. This city Read more [...]

Alesund, Fishery Harbor City of Norway

In dealing with any troublesome condition in life such as boredom and frustration, what becomes the best idea to solve such problems is indeed by conducting vacation. If you require a good reference of tourism destination, you can visit Alesund in Norway actually. This city is well known as little London in the past. This city was first settled by Rollo, the 10th founder of Normandy dukes dynasty. In visiting this city, besides you need to know about any attractions that the city offers, you need Read more [...]