Enjoy the Longest Cave System in Mammoth Cave National Park

For fans of activities like canoeing, hiking, cave tours, bicycling, camping, picnicking, horseback riding and such, Mammoth Cave National Park is a great thing to be visited. Located under the swath in Kentucky hills, Mammoth Cave National Park is about 80 square miles but no one knows how wide the underside is. There is more than 365 miles of five-level cave system that have been mapped in this Mammoth Cave national Park and the new caves are being discovered from time to time. Mammoth Read more [...]

Yalta: The Famous Vacation Place in Ukraine

Yalta is an Ukrainian resort town where you can see a wide variety of allures. There are many things that you can enjoy for a vacation when visiting Yalta. You, for example, can see Armenian Church that was established in 1909-1919. It is a beautifully detailed church you need to visit. Nikita botanical garden and Livadia palace are other attractions available in Yalta that are worth visiting for your vacation. What makes Livadia special is that the palace was home to Stalin. Besides, Churchill and Read more [...]

Redwood National and State Parks, Home for Redwood Trees in US Coastal Mountain

Mountain, sea, and forest. Have you ever imagined of sticking with three of them in one large area? You must take a look at Redwood National and State Parks to figure it out. This is a region consisting of coastal mountains which border Pacific Ocean; in the north side of San Fransisco, the United States. The area takes form of forest dominated by the tallest as well as the most notable tree in the world; the redwood tree. Study of archaeology shows that redwood trees have been used by Native Read more [...]

Yellowstone National Park, the First USA National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a famous name of tourist destinations in the United States of America. This is the first national park in the US. With attractive landscape and numerous hot springs, geysers, and other similar areas; this Yellowstone also aims to protect the beauty and wildlife of the area. The history of Yellowstone National Park began when there was a volcanic eruption, the huge one, which splashed over the western part of US. It encouraged the extreme change of the climate and Read more [...]

Lavenham: A Medieval Village of England

Lavenham is a village that is located in Suffolk England. What is the village notable for? When you come to Lavenham, you will be able to see 15th century churches and half-timbered medieval cottages. Something unique you also can find at Lavenham is circular walk that is not available in elsewhere of the universe. Today, Lavenham is a popular day-trip destination for local British residents and also tourists from around the world. Location of Lavenham is about 5 miles to the north of Sudbury. Read more [...]