Odessa: The City Of Humor In Ukraine

Odessa is an Ukrainian city, which is positioned in the southern part. This city has major harbor located in the Black Sea and constitutes the fourth largest Ukrainian cities. Despite the fact that Ukrainian is the official language of Odessa, most inhabitants are Russian. If you visit Odessa, you will come across a range of museums that include archeology museum and literature museum. When being in Odessa, walking along Deribasovskaya Street should not be skipped since you can see colorful pedestrian part that looks awesome.



Going anywhere in Odessa is easy since some kinds of public transportation are available. You, for example, can take a tram and mini bus to get a destination in this city. Getting around the city by car is also recommended since the road is in good condition and you will find many parking areas in Odessa. If you are a foreigner and want to get Odessa, this city has international airport that is easily accessible from some European countries. For international flights, you can take airplane from Moscow, Budapest and Istanbul.


beach odessa ukraine

The best time to visit Odessa is certainly in the summer as the weather is amazing. Coming to this city in the summer will give you a chance to enjoy some kinds of water sport and the beauty of some beaches. If you want to see special city celebration of Odessa, you must come in April where you will find local people dons silly masks and hats. During the celebration, you will find a lot of alcohols in Odessa. Due to the celebration, Odessa is often called as the city of humor by local people.


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