Novi Sad – a Beautiful City in Serbia with the Unique Fortress

Various cities perhaps have been visited by the great travelers. Of course, the travelers just could not spend their free time by doing nothing without any activities to visit the new place. However, sometimes, they have no idea on the place which becomes the next destination to go. Actually a lot of interesting places which can be chosen to spend our holiday or our free time can be the destinations. We can try visiting Serbia with a lot of great places there, including the city of Novi Sad. That is one of the largest cities in Serbia which was founded on the year of 1694. It takes place near the city of Belgrade.


Novi Sad

For the best time to visit Novi Sad, we can try during the season of summer or spring. It will be a good idea to visit. Sure, there will be various interesting places which are worth to visit, for example the unique building of fortress of Petrovaradin. It also can be the landmark for this city. There are also interesting spots for the unique buildings there such like old-town-hall, synagogue of Novi Sad, the museum of Vajvodina, and many more. This city is of course rich about the Serbian culture but also it is the industrial area there.


Novi Sad City

To reach Novi Sad, we can try to get the flight to the international airport of Nikola Tesla which is near Belgrade city. It is about seventy kilometers to Novi Sad. Then, we can go directly to Novi Sad by public bus. We can enjoy various attractions there.

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