Nitra, Fame of Natural Beauty and Historic Structures

Coming into Slovakia will not be complete unless you spare your time to visit Nitra. This is the largest city number five in the country which offers the natural beauty combined with attractive historical structures. Sited in Nitra River’s valley; Nitra is another Slovakia’ old city which is able to draw the attention of tourists to come and enjoy its prettiness.



Nitra has been settled for more or less six thousand years. In the fourth century, it was inhabited by Celtic followed by Slavs in the next century when the First World War ended; Nitra became a part of Czechoslovak Legions, before it was chosen as part of First Slovak Republic in 1939.


Sunset in Nitra

How to Get In

You can take bus from Bratislava to Nitra. Otherwise, train will also be a ovely choice to get into the center of Nitra; but it will take more of your money and time. Getting around will be comfortable by using taxi or bus.

What to See in Nitra

Various tourist objects are waiting for you in Nitra; such as The Castle, Town House, Statue of Corgon, Pedestrian Zone, the Synagogue, Small Smeinary, Marian Sculpture, and Emeram;s Church. Dražovce church will be a reference if you want to see Romanesque remarkable architecture. Besides, there are more historical buildings, parks, and of course Zobor Mountain which are interesting to visit.

Best Time for Nitra Visit

Nitra has continental climate with four seasons with hot summers and cold winters. The period between October-March will be nice for scheduling your visit to Nitra in order to avoid heating sun.

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