Ngorongoro Conservation Area, A Place to See Big Crater and Amazing Wildlife

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is big crater that comes from collapsed old volcano. This condition creates unique and natural preservation area where the flora and fauna grows rapidly and in great diversity. Therefore, the main thing that you can do and see here would be the wildlife. This area also becomes the best place to learn more about flora and fauna in Tanzania.


Ngorongoro wild

The best time to visit Ngorongoro Conservation Area. You can visit this place on rainy season, which is about early winter to middle spring. On this season, you can watch many animals start to congregate in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is also the off season, which means you have more freedom to explore this place. On peak season, there will be too many cars and you can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife. To enter Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you need to pay entrance fee, which is $50 per person a day. And, if you want to rent car, you need to pay extra fee for $200 per day. If you want to hire guide, you also need to pay more fee.


Safari Ngorongoro

For transportation, you can use the travel service. Most of people will use the help from Travel Company from Arusha to go to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. But, that can cost you a lot. The other alternative for you who have limited budget and want more adventure is hire the Tanzanian driver from Karatu. This city is located about 10 km from Ngorongoro Conservation Area and you can enjoy your journey from this city to Ngorongoro Conservation Area.


Ngorongoro safari


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