Meet the Black Bears of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known as a national park that has a lot of black bears. Visitors of this national park will be easily spot black bears because there are at least two black bears live in every square mile of the national park. This national park is also famous for cultural and natural history.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park -Plank

Great Smoky Mountains National Park-plank,USA

This national park has several entrances to welcome the visitors. The Northern entrance located in for about 33 miles from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Southern entrance is located for about 50 miles from Cherokee, North Carolina. The Western entrance is in Townsend Tennessee and there are other access points can be found around the campgrounds that are located at the edge of the national park. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is open for all year round and the visitors are not going to be charged for admission fee. In other words, this national [park can be visited for free.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park,waterfall

Great Smoky Mountains National Park waterfall-,USA

There are three Visitor Centers those can be visited by a lot of people and the largest Visitor Center is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. There are rules those must be followed by the visitors in order to keep the natural condition of the national park. In visiting the national park, please remember to always follow the rules those have been set for the sake of the national park and also the visitors as well. In late March to June, visitors will have the great views of the wildflowers all over the national park. The view around the park is also stunning during the mid to late of October.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park,river

Great Smoky Mountains National Park-river,USA

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