Mecca – The Holiest City for Muslim People

Are you interested to visit Mecca? If you take a trip to this Mid-East Asia, then you should not miss to visit this city. Mecca or Makkah is a Holy City according to Islam religion. It was the place where the last prophet, Muhammad was born. It was even when Quran, Muslims holy book, was composited. Besides that, the existence of Kaaba in the city makes Mecca become the holiest city for Muslim people in the world.


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Just like other cities in Saudi Arabia, Mecca also has long history behind. The most highlighted moment about this city history was when Prophet Abraham or Ibrahim built Kaaba with the assistance his son, Ishmael in 2000 BCE. It is recommended for you to visit the city during winter season when the temperature will be friendlier. And when you want to do the sightseeing, you can go to Masjid al-Haram where the Kaaba building stands firmly with beautiful mosques surrounding. Besides that, other popular landmarks in this Holy City are Zamzam Well, The Qishla of Mecca, Hira Cave and Abraj Al Bait Towers.


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You can enter Mecca through King Abdulaziz International Airport or Jeddah Seaport. For traveling around, you will commonly find private vehicles and taxies. If you have much interest on its culture, you can simply figure out how the people life looks like. The arrival of huge number of pilgrims from around the world also affects the local culture. If you look for traditional food, Kabsa seems to be the most popular not only in Mecca but also in Saudi Arabia.

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