Matmata, Place of Troglodyte Dwellings

Matmata is a unique small village which is located in the south of Tunisia. This location is become very popular for its troglodyte dwellings. There are many kinds of unique building which come in a cave shape. You can find a lot of amazing scenes which are commonly found in Star Wars movies. This is a good area for you if you want to take a vacation with family. You can enjoy living in a small cave building and feels like living in another world.



If you want to make a trip in Matmata, you can choose around May to June. It has a great sunshine that will make you enjoy walking around the city. The best way to enter the city is take a regular bus or louage which come for about 8 daily directly from Gabes. You can also take daily bus service which is come from Sousse or Sfax to Tunis. Besides that, get in by car is also possible because it may take 45 minutes from Gabes. To enjoy the city, you can try to get around by walking.


Troglodyte Matmata

The most interesting place that you should see in here is Hotel Sidi Driss. It is become the most popular area because it is become a film scene in Star Wars. This hotel gives you bedroom with individual caves hollowed made from rock. It has shared bathroom facilities which are clean. You can visit this hotel during your trip or spend a night in here. You can also take traditional cave tour from this hotel.

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