Lhasa, Beautiful Alitude in Tibet

Lhasa is the most featured cities in the world because of its high altitude. This is a remote area which has spiritual and cultural history. You can find romantic and mysterious place which is rich of impressive heritage around Tibet. This area is become very important for Tibetan religion because it is also known as Buddha Land or Holy Land. In this place, there is a politics, culture, and economy center. Besides that, this is become the most cultural area which is located in China. You can remember the world famous symbol, Potala Palace.



As the most beautiful region in Tibet, Lhasa is become the most interesting place for tourist area. It is situated in the South Central part, near Kyichu River. The best time for you to reach this area is around March to October because the weather is very nice. Since this area is located in high altitude, you need to prepare your clothes first. You should take warm clothes that will keep you save from cold weather. Besides that, you may also need to bring your sunglasses because you may receive a great sunshine in here. There are many kinds of tourist destination you can find in here such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Sera Monastery.


Beautiful lhasa

This city has a lot of public transportation that you can choose. It is very comfortable and easy for you to choose this area for your holiday destination. You can use plane which is save time and comfortable, take a public bus that will show you amazing scenery, and take a train with beautiful mountain scenery.


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