Kosice, A Beautiful Town with Colorful History

Kosice, a part of Slovakia, can be a good start for you to explore the whole country which is known for its natural beauty and historical sites. Take a flight from Bratislava, Prague, or Vienna to reach this interesting town. Trains and buses are also available to serve your transportation need. To get around the city with various attractive tourist objects, you can go around on foot. Indeed, Kosice is a compact and small city so that it will be navigable and easy to travel around by walking.



Kosice began to develop in 13th century; after being inhabited since the 8th century. Kosice became a rich city during Middle Ages when it took an important position as trading center. After World War II, Kosice was he capital of Czechoslovakia and lately becomes a part of Slovakia. Up till now, this town still plays an initial role as the eastern-most centers of European Union with its cultural and historical heritage.


Kosice Center

When and What to Visit to Kosice

Kosice’s climate is the type of continental onel with humid summers paired with cold winters. The best time to visit this town will be on September, August, July, June, and May; because the temperature at those months is relatively cooler.

The landmarks of Kosice are various; include the Main Street, the Peace Marathon Square, Square of Liberators, St. Michael Capel, Saint Urban Tower, the State Thatre, and St. Elizabeth Cathedral.

Get out from Kosice, you can also visit other tourist destination around it, such as Bardejov, Vienna, or Bratislava.

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