Kieve Pechersk Lavra: One of Ukrainian Seven Wonders

When it comes to attractive area to visit in Ukraine, you should consider Kieve Pechersk Lavra. It is a monastery complex that has been categorized as world heritage list of UNESCO. Based on trustable data, Kieve Pechersk Lavra has been visited by over 43 millions of tourists worldwide. Historically, Kieve Pechersk Lavra was found by St. Antony in 1051. On august 2007, Kieve Pechersk Lavra was named as one of Seven Wonders available in Ukraine.


Ukraine Kiev Pechersk Lavra Ukrainian

Despite the fact that Kieve Pechersk Lavra is famous to cultural attraction, this monastery is being active as center of the Eastern Orthodox Christianity where many orthodox Christians worship on regular basis. What makes Kieve Pechersk Lavra so special is that the monastery complex has incredible architectural design making it one of the most attractive buildings in the world. From long distance, you will see the monastery complex looks like luxurious kingdom. Location of Kieve Pechersk Lavra is in Kyiv so if you want to get the monastery complex, you can go there on foot.  Many international airlines provide flights to Kyiv, thereby making it easier to reach the monetary complex.


Kyiv Pechersk Lavra ukraine

The best time to visit Kieve Pechersk Lavra is in the summer since the weather is great. December will be something special if you want to visit this monastery complex as you can see celebration of Christmas. If you want to get cheaper rate of accommodation, without a doubt winter will be a proper time to visit Kieve Pechersk Lavra. As usual, number of tourists visiting this monastery complex is decreasing during the winter season.


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