Khiva, the First World Heritage Site in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has several areas which are included in World Heritage List. One of them, the first city to inscribe is Khiva. It is small city which is inhabited by around 50,000 people only. Sited in Xorazm Province, Khiva is an attractive town for tourists.

Khiva city

Khiva city , Uzbekistan

The history shows that Khiva was firstly settled by Iranian; followed by Turks in 10th century AD. Muslim traveler was also noticed in the same century despite the other assertion of its coming on the 6th. The city was attacked by Russia in 1873, experiencing several occurrence before it became part of Uzbekistan in 1924.

How to Reach Khiva

Most travelers will come to Urgench regional capital before reaching Khiva. There, they take taxi to enter the center of Khiva. However, you also have other options such to reach Urgench from other cities; such as airplane from Tashkent to Urgench Airport, train from Tashkent, bus, and cars.

To get around Khiva, you can walk from corner to corner because the area is small enough.

khiva front


Best Timing to Visit Khiva

Khiva has frigid winter, hot summer, and slivers of fall and spring between both of the first mentioned seasons. In order to enjoy your journey in Khiva, try to avoid the trip on November-March since the weather is terribly cold. The rest of months is good for visiting, but Spring will be the best time.

What to See in Khiva

A number of tourist objects can be your exploration choice; such as Kutli Murad Inak Medressa, Uc Avlika Mausoleum, Khan Allakuli Medressah, Tash Cauli palace, Ichon Qala the old town with several stuning building and objects, and Dichon-Qala and surroundings.

khiva city


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