Kerkouane, Minimalist Town in Ancient Era

Kerkouane Punic Town is located in Tunisia which is become the best ruins building during ancient Carthaginin country. The excavations of this city revealed from 3rd and 4th centuries BC. It was abandoned since the First Punic War and rebuilt by Romands. It has for about 400 year’s existence. Around this ancient building, you may see the layouts clearly. There are many houses that still shown around the walls which is colored by the clay. The wall painting is sometimes facades but sometimes visible. In the past, this house was build by a standard plan of town planning.



Kerkuane is a great ancient building which has beautiful sanctuary. There are many columns preserved in here. Besides that, you might find small atrium parts which have mosaics design in the wall. There are many kinds of simple mosaic layers that can be found in some parts of building such as in floor, thresholds, doorsteps, and curbstones. This area is become the best area for tourist destination because it is situated in a great piece of coastline. The best time to visit this archeological site is around May to July. Although there is not much left building, you can see the greatest example of Punic town.


Kerkouane courtyard house

If you want to reach this area, you can take a local bus that will be stop in Kelibia town and you can walk for about 1.5 km to enter the site. Besides that, if you want to be more comfortable, you can choose a taxi that will cost around 4-10TD. This site is located right next to the sea so you can feel amazed when you reach this cultural heritage site.

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