Jeddah – See the Floating Mosque in this City Gateway to Mecca

Are you thinking to take a trip to Middle East Asia? One of the popular places to visit is Saudi Arabia. This country is very special for Muslim people. However, it does not mean that non-Muslim visitors can’t make a visit there. Among of many great places to explore, Jeddah is probably the first best recommendation.

Saudi Arabia


Commonly spelled Jedda or Jiddah, this larger city in province of Makkah is located close to the Red Sea. It is known for the second largest city after Riyadh and now it becomes essential point of commercial industry in Saudi Arabia. The history of Jeddah is a long story. Before Islam started to introduce, this city was occupied by Stone Age people. But after Islam was brought by Uthman Ibn Affan, the third Caliph, this city was turned into historic port of Hajj pilgrims as it is where Mecca is located. You may have known about the annual event where some Muslims people in the world will gather to this city to do the Hajj pilgrimage. If you go there at the same moment, you may get trapped in the crowd. Therefore, it is recommended to take another time to make a visit. The best months to go are October to March or during winter season. You can take a tour to some landmarks including King Fadh’s Fountain, NCB Tower, Jeddah Municipality Tower, King Road Tower and Kingdom Tower.

Saudi Arabia

moving to jeddah

To enter Jeddah, you can take a flight to King Abdulaziz Airport or get on to ship and arrive at Jeddah Seaport. For the culture, you will find the significant influence on religion aspect. The favorite traditional food is Nejdi dish Kabsa.

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