Island of Saint-Louis with its Uniqueness

If we are interested in visiting a lot of beautiful island all over the world with the natural views and natural beauty, Africa becomes the heaven. There are a lot of beautiful place of nature which can be the destination to go for the tourists and travelers. We can enjoy not only the beauty but also any history, culture, and traditions there which of course will be totally different to our daily atmosphere. One of the spots in Africa which can be chosen is the island of Saint-Louis. It is located in Senegal, particularly on the Senegal River mouth. It is the island which becomes one of the UNESCO sites which take place in Senegal. Of course, this location nears Dakar.



Island of Saint-Louis

To reach the island, people can easily go to Dakar and there is an airport there so that we can reach the city by flight to Dakar and go to the island through water transportation. We can choose to use ferry. Since it is one of the sites of UNESCO we do not need worrying about the entrance fee since it will be totally affordable and has been adapted to the visitors itself and also the time where we go there.



Ile Saint Louis

What about the attraction? Sure, we could not underestimate about the sites of UNESCO since of course it is totally great. It is including for its culture which is also influenced by the French culture since it was the French colonial area. To visit this place, we can go during the summer or spring season for the best season for walking around.

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