Visiting House of Slaves at Island of Goree

There are a lot of types of great places all over the world which can be the destinations to go for the travelers. Of course, the places can be the alternative for getting the unique atmosphere since each place has their own cultures and beauty. For travelers enjoying the new places which are worth to visit is a great pleasure. Now, we can choose the spot in Africa, especially in Senegal. Sure, this country has a lot of great spots, including the Island of Goree. It is the place which takes place near Dakar. It is popular among the tourists because of the histories. In addition it is also well known as the place of the center of the slave trading.


Island of Goree, the Place of the Slave

This Island of Goree is one of the sites of UNESCO which offers the great historical site. It can be easily reached by the flight to Dakar. It is the nearest city there. We can reach the flight to the city airport and go to the Island of Goree by ferry. By ferry from dakkar to this island, we will need about twenty minutes to reach it. However, to visit the place we should choose the spring time or also summer to get the best season and temperature there.


Slave House Goree Island

What about the entrance fee? The entrance fee is not that expensive since it is a UNESCO sites and the price is actually various based on the period of times, who we are, and many more. thus, we can easily go there to know it or we also can easily choose a tour guide to get anything abut the information of this island.


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