In Karachi, Getting Drowned in Brightest Lights

If you are currently planning a vacation abroad, consider taking Karachi into account. Also colloquially known as the City of Bright Lights, Karachi is a definitely beautiful city for everyone to visit all year round. Among the largest cities in Pakistan, Karachi stands out considering it has been well known since the dawn of civilization. Even the ancient Greeks have already taken notice upon this city and naming it Krokola–and that is only one of many names given to Karachi.




After years of British occupation, Pakistan finally gained its independence in 1942 while Karachi had turned itself into a kind of metropolitan around such time. Since Pakistan is located relatively close to the equator–and Karachi itself stands nearby the sea–obviously, the perfect time to visit this city is around summer, when you are able to take sunbath at the beach. Architectural designs appear on the buildings within Karachi would certainly attract you more and more. There is Mohatta Palace in the city; the center of Pakistani cultural institution: The National Academy of Performing Arts; as well as the Hindu Gymkhana, which has been newly-renovated recently. Saint Patrick Cathedral and the Three Talwar in Clifton can add more attraction for your eyes.

Simply book a flight ticket directly to Karachi and you will find yourself land in Jinnah International Airport. You can get a taxi service to subsequently take yourself to the hotel and stay there during your vacations. Now, with this brief trivia at your hands, you surely don’t want to miss visiting Karachi next holiday, do you?

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