Ichkeul National Park, Wild Bird Sheltering Park

The Ichkeul National Park is a wetland area which has hundred stopover points for migrating birds. The migrating birds such as pink flamingoes, storks, geese, and duck are come, nest and feed in this land. There is a lake which is known as Ichkeul Lake that will be the chain for North Africa. This area is become the best freshwater lake which is characterized by specific hydrological function based on two seasonal alternance salinity and water level. This lake is surrounding with indispensible stop over and marshes constitute.


Ichkeul National Park Wild Bird

Ichkeul National Park is very important for some natural habitats which have many kinds of western Palaeartic birds. In the winter, this area is become the best alternative for Palaearctic birds because it has sheltering area. The density of water fowl in here is always increasing every year. There are for about 300,000 ducks, coots, and geese that can be found in here at the same time. Besides that, this is also become a protective area for three endangered bird species such as marled duck, ferruginous duck, and white-headed duck. Besides rich of fauna, this national park also has for more than 500 plant species. This national part also has a good management and protection that will be suitable to bring up the ecological power.


ichkeul national park tunisia

The best time to get in Ichkeul National Park is around February to May. It has a good weather and temperature. Besides that, you can also reach this area by taking a tour travel. They will show you beautiful scenery in this National Park with a jeep.

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