Guimarães, A Place for Portugal Historical Sites

Guimarães can be another choice for your vacation; especially when you are dreaming of historical experience during your journey. This Portuguese city is located in Braga, Ave Subregion of Portugal with only 23.5 km square area, Guimarães offers interesting historical sites for you.




History of Guimarães

Settled in the ninth century, Guimarães is considered as one of the most significant cities for Portugal formation. It was firstly called Vimaranes; which might have a relation with its warrior, Vimara Peres; the one who appointed Guimarães as the capital city of County of Portugal in his era. The city does not experience a lot of changes; so that UNESC gladly labeled it as World Heritage Site.

The society has a cultural life, as the impact of the past life in Guimarães. Many places are specially designed for art. In addition, cultural festivals and exhibitions are often held by Guimarães people; showing that they are the society living with art near.


When to Visit Guimarães

The weather in Guimarães is mostly affected by the location which is around the hills and valley. It has normal rainy and cold winter; combined with lightly humid hot summer. The most pleasant temperature and weather will be on March up to September. This is the best time for you to hold onjourney to Guimarães.



How to Get Guimarães

By plane, it is better for you to take flight t Oporto International Airport. From the airport, you can take bus, taxi, train, or car to get the city and travel around it.


What to Visit in Guimarães

Numerous ancient buildings are the references for your journey in Guimarães. There are Guimarães castle, Olive Square, Casa de Sezim, Dukes of Braganza Palace, and many more. If you have been satisfied with Guimarães, continue your travel to the nearby cities like Beja, Lisbon, Porto, or Evora for more exciting experience.

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