Glasgow as the Place with a bunch of Great Architectural Building

Visiting a lot of destinations such like the cities all offer the world can be really interesting. We can spend our free time there enjoying the place that we have never visited before. I our spare time, we can try to visit the interesting place which is worth to visit such like Glasgow in Scotland. It is a city which is largest in the country which has been independent from the midieval. This city becomes one of the large industrial cities. It becomes really interesting since it has the unique architectural too.




There are some unique buildings which also can be the landmark for this city. Some of the unique buildings which are worth to visit are the University of Glasgow, the fountain of Doulton, Glasgow cathedral, the Armadillo or the Clyde auditorium of L.Foster, and many more. So, what time is appropriate to visit this city? It is better to visit Glasgow during March and August. During that time, the temperature is good with the long day time there.



Glasgow Scotland

This city becomes the beautiful city which also great on its culture. The culture is influenced by the common European culture. However, there we can still see the rich culture than another country in Europe. When we visit there, the transportation is easy to get actually. We can get the flight to Glasgow international-airport which is situated around thirteen kilometers to the center of the city, or we also can get a flight to the international airport of Glasgow Prestwick which it located around forty eight kilometers to the center of city. There are a lot of bus services there and we can go anywhere by catching the bus.


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