Find the Diverse Influence in Ancient Buildings in Cordoba

Cordoba of Spain is known to be rich with history and cultural heritage. Located between Seville and Granada, this city was known to be important city for thousands of years. The city ruled by Roman, it ruled by the Visigoth, then ruled by Muslims before finally fell to the hands of Catholic Monarch.


Cordoba, Spain

The city is famous for being the birthplace of philosophers like the Muslim Averroes. The city is also the birthplace for other famous figures like Paco Pena the flamenco artist. The diversity of history left in the city can be seen from buildings. Take a look at the sacred sites like Mezquita, the most notable building in the city. This building is a unique combination of a mosque and cathedral. Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos is also a great place to be visited and this building is Spanish Inquisition’s headquarter and is known as the ancient building from the Romans’ age with beautiful garden.


Visitors may visit this city and reach it by taking the high-speed train from Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona and Seville. There is no flight to the city. The nearest airport is in Seville and visitors will then need to go with train from Seville. Visitors may also drive the rented cars or cars with drivers from other cities mentioned before. Buses will also be ready to take the visitors to the city of Cordoba as another option of transportation to be chosen by them. Visit the city in summer or in May and July for festivals.

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