Exploring Bangor, the Coastal City of Wales

In North Wales, there is a coastal city named Bangor where the visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Maybe there is no unique landmark of this city but Bangor is still an interesting holiday destination. The city is quiet and it is good for the tourists who want to enjoy this situation. Most of the tourists visit Bangor before they leave to Ireland with ferry. When they can’t make the schedule of ferry on time, they must stay in Bangor. It is a great thing to explore this city because it is a city with beautiful sunset. Visiting Bangor in the summer is going to give the most beautiful sunset phenomenon to the visitors.

bongor in the air

bangor island ,wales

The reason why Bangor is popular should be its university. Studying in Bangor is the main purpose of why people come there. The University Concert Series that is held regularly becomes the favorite entertainment in Bangor. It is usually held on Thursday or Saturday evening. Like other cities in Europe, old building is the part of Bangor’s history. Bangor Cathedral is an old building there that was built in 6th century with attractive architectural design. It means that Bangor Cathedral has been built since the city was founding for the first time by Celtic Saint Deinial in the early 6th century.

bongor sea

bangor sea,wales

Reaching Bangor is not difficult. The visitors can get in there by train from Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff and London. They also can come here by bus which is used to be the choice for most students. There are good hotels and restaurant that can be visited during a trip in Bangor.

bongor city

bangor city,wales

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