Enjoying the Fairy World of Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a wonderful land discovered by the Russian Cossack for about three hundred years ago. There are no people who are living in this area when it was discovered. This city is located for about 1,250 km in the long peninsula, Russian. This is a volcanoes which is become the most active volcanoes in Russia. There are many kinds of interesting area in this location such as hot springs, acid lake, geysers and volcanoes. You can find arctic tundra which is located in the southernmost area. This is become the richest arctic species in the world.


volcano eruption kamchatka russia

Kamchatka has different types of climate zones which are divided by geothermal lines in around alpine. The right time for you to reach this area is around June and September. It has summer climate around June to September. Although the summer is nice and warm, you may feel uncomfortable because there are a lot of mosquitoes that still around till September. In the summer, you will be allowing to swim around Avacha bay. If you want to get around Kronotsky Nature Park, you can use helicopter and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The most beautiful part around this area is Valley of the Geysers. This is known as the second largest geyser in the world. There are for about 90 types of geysers with hot springs available.


A volcano in Kamchatka, Russia is circled by clouds.

If you want to travel in here, you can go to Nalychevo Nature Park, Bystrinsky Nature Park, and Southern Kamchatka Nature Park. It will be a great area which is very interesting to see. They provide bear watching area which is safe for the tourist.


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