Enjoying Cultural Landscape of Mapungubwe

If you want to spend your vacation and add some extra value in it, you could visit one of those cultural landscapes which scattered on every part of this earth. Talking about cultural landscape, one of the famous cultural landscapes is located on South Africa. So if you planned your holiday to South Africa, make sure you visit Mapungubwe, the famous area which known as a pre-colonial state on South Africa. This area is located on south of Great Zimbabwe at the confluence of two great rivers, Shashe and Limpopo. You could reach this place from Johannesburg or Cape Town by using cars or buses.


Mapungubwe, South Africa

The best time to visit this place is in the summer. The air might be too dry for you but you will be amazed with its view. One of the most essential attractions of this place is Mapungubwe Hill. In this hill, you could find out the ancient tradition of burials which performed by ancient tribes on the earlier times. This place also attracts many archeologists since it used to be an ancient kingdom of these tribes. You also could visit Mapungubwe National Park where you could see various interesting ancient rock formations. This national park is also functioned as conservation area where you could find a wide range of flora and fauna of South Africa.


Mapungubwe Hill

To visit this place you don’t have to pay for any entrance fees. However, you might still have to pay for transportation and any other accommodations. Visiting this place will introduce you to the ancient tribes of South Africa along with their culture. It would be better if you took a guide with you so that he could tell you the history of this magnificent place.

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