Enjoying BeautifulPitons Management Area at Soufriere Town

The Pitons Management Areais located near to Soufriere town and Choiseul in southwest coast. The Piton itself is the name of volcanic spire that rise from the sea around the Pitons area. The place has one hundred and sixty eight species with the sixty of them are cnidaria. Other species are coral, fourteen of sponges, eleven of echinoderms, fifteen of arthropods, annelid worms that exists 8 kinds, and eight molluscs. At the top part, there is Ledera Hotel that is usually used by the tourist for their stay while visiting the location. The hotel offers impressive sightseeing like Jalousie Estate and Bay.


Saint Lucia

BeautifulPitons Management Area at Soufriere Town

The tourists may enjoy the beautiful scenery around the area. The area is very natural and is great for refreshing minds. The tourists come from many countries in the world to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing around the area. For those who want to enter the place they are charged quite cheap and they can stay as long as they want. The great lake and beautiful cliffs become the great sightseeing that offers different feeling when seeing it. This is why the place is really nice to be visited during summer time when the weather is nice and warm. The visitors may enjoy their activities outside more and enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunrise from the area. Some can also do fun activities over the lake and explore it for more adventurous journey.



Pitons Management Area

Reaching this place is really easy. The visitors may take train or bus from the nearest city. They can also take their private cars with easy parking. The transportation is quite affordable and easy to find.


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