Enjoying a UNESCO’s Natural World Heritage Site in South Africa

For those who love to enjoy the historical and natural vacation, you can try to choose Vredefort Dome as one of the destinations. What makes this place interesting to visit is because of the heritage sense. In fact, UNESCO listed this area as a world heritage site. If you have a plan to become a geologist you can take this place as your favorite destination. Although, Vredefort is considered as a carter but there are three towns available there. Those three towns are Vredefort, Koppies, and Parys.


Vredefort Dome

Most travelers are visiting Parys and it is better for you to enjoy the beauty of the night there. One of the night sensations available there is a shooting star. Moreover, you don’t need to worry with the place to stay because you can find several of them. For example, you can book your name in Bird Song cottage, Last Tango, Michael Angelo Guest House, and many more. This is concerning to the fact that there are several activities you can do there including geological tour, nature tour, birding tour, educational tour, and hiking.

vredefort dome

Vredefort Dome

If you want to do something simple, you can also visit the Vredefort Dome for fishing and hot air ballooning. It is great to visit this area during weekend because you can enjoy something different which you don’t get in the other area. Don’t forget to feel the different eating sensation and you can just eat several delicious menus from three popular restaurants which are Art Lovers Restaurant, Ruby’s, and Old Imperial Inn. From this explanation I think you will visit the Vredefort Dome for your next vacation.

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