Durban, the Largest City in KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu-Natal is one of South Africa’s provinces that become very famous because of its largest city called Durban. This city is also the third largest city of South Africa along with Cape Town and Johannesburg. If you want to visit this city, you could take a flight from your country directly to its international airport. If you apparently already have been staying in Cape Town or Johannesburg, you could take a bus to this city or drive your own car through the highway. Once you’ve got in Durban, you could use taxi as your main transportation.


Durban City, South Africa

Durban has a long line of history that started since 100,000 BC. On those earlier times, this place is inhabited by hunter gatherers communities. The first modern civilization brought to this place by Portuguese explorer named Vasco da Gama circa 1497. He’s also the one who name this province with Natal, a Portuguese word for Christmas. The first European settlers land on Durban circa 1824 then followed by British colonial rule circa 1860s. Coat of arms of this city is was established since 1912 and later ceased to be used in1995.



The best time to visit Durban is almost on every season of the year. You could even visit this city on winter and still experience the frost-free environment due to its subtropical climate. Like any other cities in South Africa, Durban has a rich culture which is a combination between traditions and beliefs. The largest ethnic group is Zulu while other ethnic groups are including British descent and Indians. You could find many landmarks on this city, from Durban City Hall, The Golden Mile, Moses Mabhida Stadium to Umgeni River Bird Park.

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