Discover Amazing African Wildlife in Niokolo-Koba National Park

If we are a traveler and have a bit spare time to enjoy a life and escape for a while from our routines, we can try to go to the place which can give a different atmosphere. If we like the nature and love the beauty of the nature, visiting the various national parks will be a good idea for us. We can easily go there to enjoy our free time. One of the beautiful national parks which is worth to visit is Niokolo-Koba National Park. Sure, it is still one of the Senegal UNESCO sites which are worth to be reached.


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If we are interested in the nature of Africa, Senegal becomes a must visit country then. It is because they have a lot of interesting place including the Niokolo-Koba National Park which is located near the border of Guinea Bissau. The flora and fauna there is totally interesting. For the flora, it is dominated by the savannah of woodland. There are also a lot of various types of fauna there. And based on Senegal Government estimation, the park contains at least 20 species of amphibian, 60 species of fish and 38 species of reptile. Also, there are around 80 mammal species. These including 11000 buffalo, 6000 hippo, 400 western giant eland, 50 elephants, 120 lions, 150 chimpanzees, 3000 waterbuck, 2000 common duiker and rare leopards and wild dogs. It becomes totally perfect with its beauty including for the Gambia River. The best time to visit there is of course around summer and also spring where the rainfall is still a bit decreased.

For the entry fee, it is totally affordable not only for public but also for the students. The fee which is required is based on the period of time, the visitors them self, and many more. To visit this national park, we can easily go to the nearest city of la Casamance then through the land transportation we can go to the national park.

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