Darien National Park, a Place in Which Culture and Nature Come Together

Are you such a nature lover? If you are a nature lover or a scientist that craving for many natural beauty, don’t you feel that your love incomplete before you are visiting Panama? Why it should be Panama? It is because Panama which is located in Central America has this tremendous national which is called Darien National Park that is claimed of having extraordinary biological diversity and its incredible genetic value. Furthermore, you can find indigenous tribes that still practice their ancestral customs.


Darien National Park

Thus, when you are visiting the park, you will see how the Indian and the nature live harmoniously. There are many things that you can do this park. You can do hiking through the jungle while doing flora and fauna, and bird watching as well. Thus, if you are scientist, you also can research about the bird or flora and fauna that might not be found in any other places in the world.

Dense rainforest in Darien national park

Furthermore, you also can do boat trips on the river. Meanwhile, the Indians tribe might entertain you with dancing and other customs that can only be carried out in Darien. There are some ways you can take if you want to reach Darien. You can go by air or taking a road trip then take a boat. However, it should be remembered that it best for you making arrangements with tour operator in Panama first since the permission for visiting Darien can’t be gotten easily. The government of Panama makes serious action in preserved their natural beauty.

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